• Dirt Trapper Mat 6x4 (115x180cm) GRADE B - QTY 3

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This product is for 3 x qty of 6x4 (115 x 180cm) Grade B Dirt Tapper Mats

Some excellent reasons to buy our brilliant Ex-Contact Dirt Trapping Mats:

  • Mats can EASILY be cut to any size with NO fraying.
  • Mats can absorb and capture all types of dirt, moisture, dust & pet hair.
  • These mats are fully machine washable (size dependent)
  • Rubber latex Non-Slip backing is safe on all types of flooring, tiles, stone, carpets, vinyl, woods, concrete…… they go anywhere!
  • A low cost way of covering flooring cheaply in home workshops and garages……. Fantastic for potting sheds
  • The best option for all dog owners, use by doors, also in kennels, cages, whelping boxes, cut down easily for the back of the car or van.
  • Mats can prevent slipping of pets and people on wet or slippery floors, these are industrial/commercial quality mats that are heads and tails above any piece of new matting that is intended for very light and domestic use.
  • We have been selling Ex contract matting for over 15 years in the UK, we promise your total satisfaction on the grade of mat purchased.

Grade A: Essentially what you are purchasing here is a next to new mat. Grade-A mats account for about 20% of the stock that arrives in. Damage that may or may not be present on any mat is as follows. The smallest of nics in the rubber border or the smallest of splits in the rubber border where the mats may have been folded over time in storage. There may be a small speck of ingrained dirt in the matting pile; any of these defects would really need to be spotted using very close inspection and will in no way detriment the mats effectiveness in any way. The pile on these mats is never worn; it really does look like a new mat. This grade, we would recommend for any areas that would normally take a lot of traffic and would be seen by people, great for use around the home & in the home office. Cut to size to fit in your porch or for the back of your car; to protect from muddy paws, we have even seen these used in the back of delivery vans to stop goods sliding around and for protection. A truly excellent buy, great price and will last for years and years; we bet you will come back for more.

Grade B: The Majority of mats we take in would fall under this category. This grade of matting is perfect for commercial and or industrial areas, places where grime and dust can’t be avoided and there is a lot of traffic that will use the mats. Perfect for workshops, home garages.  The damage that may affect these mats is as follows the rubber border may have a small cut out of it, this will not extended to the carpet pile. The underside on the rubber backing may have a small slice in the backing this may have penetrated through the mat but will not show as a hole when the mat is on the floor. Grade B matting may also have small marks on the carpet pile or maybe slightly grubby in a small area of the mat, but on the whole the mat will sit there and it will look just fine. Grade B mats will always be useable and we will always try and send you the best we can.

Grade C: This grade of mat as well as having any damage that will be listed on Grade A & B mats, will also have visible damage which could include - small tears - small chunks out of carpet  - worn areas - grubby visibly dirty, marked areas, the damages listed previous may or may not be limited to 1 area of damage - we have used 3 pictures on listing that would show examples of mat damage - grade C mats make up approximately 10% of the mats we take in and still provide excellent value for money and work splendidly in sheds or garage, industry or farm areas that facilitate a lot of muck and grime. Although damage listed will mean a C grade mat won’t end up in your porch they do exactly what they are intended for a cost effective floor covering at a disposable price point. We primarily use this description for our 8x5 listing however we are able to offer this grade in any of our listings if needed.