• Titan Modular PlayPens - Small to Medium Breeds

  • £250.00

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At long last we get to finally sell you our fantastic Modular Titan Play Pens, made with the same passion and quality as our Titan dog show trolleys.

The Small to Medium Breed Titan Play Pen Variety features choices of panel length 36” (90cm) & 40”(100cm) you can have these panels in a choice of height with a choice of 24” (60cm) 28” (70cm) 30” (75cm) 32” (80cm) or 34" (85cm)

The Titan Play Pens are made up of individual panels. Each Titan Play Pen comes with 6 panels that can be used in a variety of ways and as we use a Pole system to join each panel together. The poles are secured in place via shaft pins meaning that once your Titan playpen is built it will stay built. You can add as many Titan Play Pen Panels together as you wish – the system is fully modular

Great for either indoors or outdoors – as our Titan Play Pens are made fully of aluminium they will not rust outdoors and the poles can optionally be pushed into soft standing for extra rigidity. All Titan Play Pen Panels have 1” rubber feet to protect any indoor surface floors.

Door Panels feature a step over door in case we need to get inside the Play pens easily to fetch one of the lil Jokers – we can also adapt any type of door system into the panels easily, let’s say you wish mum to get out and pups not to, we can set the dog door a little higher, all you need do is ask.

We also offer Sun covers for our Titan Playpens made to the same exacting standards as our Titan Trolley Covers, sun covers are square and will shade half the Play Pen in its 6 panel configuration and will cover the whole roof area in its 4 panel configuration, great for hot days at the shows and in 4 panel Play Pen will stop any escapees from exploring.