• Dual Colour Titan Trolley ANODIZING

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As well as offering your Titan Trolley to have the Square Horizontal tube on your trolley colour anodized. We can also offer your Titan Trolley to be Fully Anodized, meaning both the horizontal square tube and also the vertical round tube can be coloured anyway you want - over the years we have done many Full Colour anodized trolleys and as well as offering that wow factor as well as protecting your Aluminium from any oxidization that may potentially happen over time (this would be where the Traditional silver colour will naturally dull over time due to oxidization) full colour anodizing will mean your Titan stays looking beautiful year after year without the need for buffing.

Please Note colour anodzing is not the same process as powder coated trolleys - Anodizing is physically colouring the aluminium and will not chip off and will also not be affected by dog urine like powder coated trolleys will

If you would like your Titan Trolley to be full colour anodized please select the Titan trolley you would like and make sure to select the traditional version, then slide back to this listing and choose the full colour anodize option for your trolley and we will do the rest.

we will contact you personally after the order has been placed to find out what colour scheme you would like.